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Refurbishment of Plantís Centrifugal Pumps is necessity of todayís world. We at Flowdyne , have considerable experience in both manufacture and refurbishment for different type of pumps. Thus, considering your needs and available period, we can provide quick and cost effective solution to deliver best possible outcomes.

We can also replace worn components to get best results from existing centrifugal pump. This refurbished pump can deliver results as good as new pump. We are having In-house test facilities like, Hydraulic test, Performance Test, Sound test, Vibration test, Temperature measurement etc. through which , we can see the improvement in pump performance after refurbishment.

Canned Motor Pumps Repairs
A common problem with canned motor pumps is that the winding gets damaged when the pump fails. The delivery time for new pumps of this type is usually several months, but rewinding canned motor pumps can be finished within two weeks in most cases.
Rewinding of Canned Motor Pumps

This type of pump is submerged in fluid, therefore it is important that the pomp is hermetically sealed. Rewinding canned motor pumps demands specifically knowledge and experience to ensure reliability after repairs. Flowdyne repairs according to the following scope:

Disassembly of Motor and pumps
Recording winding data
Changing end covers flanges
Making new coils
Isolating Stator
Supplying seals (depending on product)
Rewinding of the pump
Welding and installing of stainless steel bushing
Pressure testing
Testing of the welds


Result: Quality and Lead time
Flowdyne has years of experience in repairing canned motor pumps. Our clients from the petrochemical, chemical, refrigeration and pharmaceutical industries are very satisfied with the lead times and quality that Flowdyne delivers on canned motor pumps.

Canned Motor Pumps Spares Parts
We have wide range of canned motor pumps spares of Indian & overseas manufacturer .The spares are sourced from the original supplier of the manufacturer of these pumps so there is no difference of quality. At this stage we feel proud to say that we have provided solutions for theirspares requirement for this type of special pumps to our valued clients at reasonable prices.

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