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About Us

Flowdyne Enterprise have built an enviable reputation as one of the leading suppliers to the Process industry in India and Abroad, this has been achieved through our commitment to stocking a vast product range, providing a first class customer service to all company's whether it be a large organisation or a small sole trader.

We carry an extensive range of hydraulic centrifugal pumps, canned motor pumps, Seals of pumps, Valves and spares, and with over 1,500 line items we can guarantee earliest delivery on most of your urgent breakdown requirements.

We have started this venture to serve the industries by keeping abreast of latest technology and advanced production techniques to offer customers highly sophisticated Pumps and Valves at best possible prices with committed delivery schedule.

Our headquarters is located in Mumbai, India which serves as our pump & process equipment sales and service center which includes all necessary inventory and complete valve manufacturing, service and repair capabilities.

We have excellent Machining, Fabrication & Testing Facilities, housed at our works, which enables us to manufacture most steel components ourselves thereby ensuring full control on quality and deliveries which are very essential in meeting customer requirements of Total Satisfaction. The ever-growing confidence and support of our valued customers have prompted us to increase and enhance our production capacities


To establish Flowdyne as the best industrial supplier of quality fluid handling products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations while profitably growing our company and meeting the commitments of our employees and suppliers. We understand our customers' needs and regularly measure our progress in satisfying those needs. We focus to drive out all costs that do not contribute to the pursuit of our vision. We are considered essential to our customer and vendors business success through meeting the commitments made to both. We encourage leadership, initiative, and innovation and train people to develop their full potential. Decision making occurs at the lowest effective level in the organization, and we work individually and in teams to produce exceptional business results.

Why We?

Our Strengths :
Quality :
We work closely with our customers to continuously improve the quality of the product and processes. Every employee of Flowdyne is responsible for maintaining our quality standards. Assuring our best attention and services, we are looking forward to receiving your patronage at all times.
Vision :
Flowdyne, is in the business to provide our customers with fluid handling equipment, ancillary products, and services that achieve superior satisfaction resulting in success for our customers.


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