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Liquid Ammonia Canned Motor Pumps

Ammonia Canned Motor Pumps – We are Ammonia Canned Motor Pumps manufacturer in Mumbai.

Get high quality Seal-less Canned Motor ammonia pump from FLOWDYNE PUMPS. Our pumps for transferring and recirculation ammonia are high end, zero-emissions solutions to a number of industry sectors that include various refrigeration plant, ice plant, frozen-food processing plant among many others.

Our Ammonia pump is designed for the hardest of working conditions. Known to be durable, leak proof and resistant to corrosion, you can get any of the pumps in standard as well as customized options. The custom alternatives we offer at Flowdyne include standard and low NPSH designs with MOC of cast steel and stainless steel as well as those in different pressure range, with varied flow rate and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Our pump casing and the internal components are made of either carbon steel or stainless steel depending upon process requirements. The pumps for liquid ammonia transfer generate high differential pressures at low NPSH, with auto-control capabilities. Use only Flowdyne pump for the liquid Overfeed Ammonia Refrigerant system and ensure leak free and trouble free operation for years without any maintenance for temperature as low as -120 deg C.Typical application includes Cold storages - Potato or Multipurpose, Sea Food Industries , Meat Plants, Dairy, Ice Plants and many more.


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